Corporate Clients

Our attorneys have handled or handling, among others, cases of the following corporate clients:

A21 (international antitrafficking NGO)


ALFA BETA ROTO SA (flexible packaging materials)

ALTAVIA SA (advertising company)

ANGELIKAS – PYROPROLIPSI SA (fire detection and extinguish systems etc)

ASSIMAKOPOULOS AG INVENTOR SA (air-conditions, fridges and appliances)

ATCO SA – ATCO LTD (cranes)

AVELON SA (kitchens etc)

BAXTER HELLAS LTD (medical supplies)

BETAPLAN (architectural studies)

CCC (constructions)

CRAFT SA (brewery)

DANE (shipping company)

DRUCKFARBEN (inks and other printing material)

ELEFTHEROS (newspaper)

ELFE (fertilizers)

EUROIONIA (constructions)

HELLENIC FARM (agricultural products etc)


HEALTH CARE SOLUTIONS (health care devices etc)

HOSPITAL AID (pharmaceuticals etc)


INESTIA SA (hotels)

INTRAKOM TELEKOM SA (telecommunications etc)

INTRASOFT INTERNATIONAL (telecommunications, technology systems etc)

KIMI SA (manufacturing company)


MARGARITIS GROUP (hotels, real estate and horse breeding)

MAROUSSI SA (real estate)

MEDICAL PRODUCTS LTD (medical supplies)

MENANDROS SA (company of Municipality of Kifissia)

METROPOLIS SA (discs etc)

MINERVA – PAPADAKIS LTD (sugar, delights etc)


NAVFLEET (naval equipment)

NIKOLELIS GROUP (real estate, restaurants, receptions etc)

NOVA (cable TV)

OMETE (civil engineering projects consultants)



PAPATHEOCHARIS GROUP (real estate, hotels, clubs, restaurants etc)

PAPISTAS GROUP (telecommunications, real estate etc)

PAZAROPOULOS SA (car dealer, services etc)

PETZETAKIS SA (tubes etc)

PLAISIO SA (computers, electronics etc)

P ZAFIROPOULOS SA (diagnostics etc)


RANGOS FABRICS SA (fabrics etc)

REGULON SA (anticancer research and pharmaceuticals)

RIGAS SA (raw materials and auxiliaries for the plastic industry)

SMARTAD (advertising company)

SP RENT A CAR SA (car dealer, car rentals, services etc)

STV SA (TV productions)

TEAM E-M (consulting engeneers)

TEODOMI SA (constructions)

TETRAS E/M (consulting engeneers)

TO KARFI (newspaper)

YZATIS SA (clothing)



Our attorneys have also handled or handling, among others, the following significant cases:

The Stem Cells case, a multi million fraud case.

The AEPI case, a multi million fraud and embezzlement case.

The Commercial Value case, a multi million infidelity case.

The Poros fatal sailing accident case.

The AGRAFIOTOU homicide case.

The IONION STAR HOTEL in Lefkada case, a case of extensive damages during attacks of hooligans.

The so called “BAYER” case, a multimillion doctors bribery case.

The so called case of “Proton Bank”, an 800 million euros case of alleged fraud, embezzlement and money laundering.

The so called case of “Structured Bonds”, a 280 million euros case of alleged crimes of fraud.

A 260 million euros case of alleged crimes of fraud (two structured bonds).

A multimillion embezzlement case between ship owners.

The AGMARMARINE case, a multimillion fraud, embezzlement, forgery etc case.

The so called case of late “Bishop of Attica”, a big litigation between the late bishop of Attica and a powerful nunnery for the alleged crimes of embezzlement.

The so called case of “China Breeze”, a 20 tons of cocaine trafficking case.

The so called “Filothei case”, a two tons of heroin trafficking case.

The so called “Football max-fixing scandal”.

The so called case of “The Syndicate of Crime”, with multi homicide allegations.

The “Karamolegos kidnapping” case.

The so called case of the “HALIVOURGIA Strike”.

The so called “MEVGAL v. the General Director of the Hellenic Competition Agency”.

Fire at a ship in the port of Piraeus, with alleged crime of arson.

Case of the so called “arsonist of Mykonos”, with a multi arsons allegation.

Case of V. versus AVIS Rent a Car.

Case o S. versus SIEMENS SA.

Case of the death of a famous astrologist, with alleged crime of homicide.

The Patras human trafficking case for forced labor.

Professionals and high profile individuals

Our attorneys have handled or handling cases of a vast number of high profile individuals, such as members of parliament, ambassadors, mayors, professors, judges, lawyers, doctors, ship owners, bankers, businessmen, police officers, civil engineers, journalists, actors, singers etc.