"Big Firm Resources… Small Firm Attention"


Message from Our Founding Partner Alexios Athanassopoulos:

“Our ‘team approach’ is more than a simple mantra – it’s our framework for success. We believe that every case deserves high-stakes, high profile treatment and that each of our clients should receive the maximum attention from their criminal attorneys. With this in mind, our law firm consists of the following Divisions which can guide our strategy when identifying issues and formulating a customized criminal defense plan in each case. These Divisions are separated into:

White Collar Crimes
representing those accused of major felonies having a financial element to the crime charged, such as fraud, embezzlement, infidelity, forgery, tax evasion, money laundering etc.

Industry and Corporate Clients including cases of tax evasion, money laundering, market manipulation, creating fraudulent investment vehicles as facades, corporate criminal liability, internal company investigations and compliance procedures and corruption practices and due diligence issues.

Professionals and High Profile Individuals such as doctors, lawyers, judges, civil engineers, bankers, ship owners and businessmen.

Blue and Grey Collar Division which includes non-financial crimes such as violent and drug related charges and major felonies.

We provide high-end specialist services and competent advices alongside with strategic defense and powerful litigation, using all kind of modern technology and information tools, having close cooperation with all kind of experts, such as auditors, graphologists, computer and high-end technology experts, coroners, car accident analysis experts etc.

Our criminal trial team’s mission is to provide the best defense possible to each and every one of our clients. Together, we offer something unique: big-firm representation in a small-firm atmosphere.